🌞 The Key to Affordable Housing?

Daily Upsider - Friday, April 12th, 2024

Friday, April 12th, 2024

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Have you every heard of Guillaume Néry? He is a french free-diver who I have been following for a long time. This is one of his most watched (28m views) videos. Some of the scenes captured are absolutely surreal!

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The Key to Affordable Housing?

Sierra Romas watched as a gantry-mounted nozzle meticulously deposited concrete in 166 layers, each less than an inch thick, to erect the walls of her new three-bedroom residence.

“It was amazing, very surreal to see a machine doing everything,” Romas said, after experiencing the construction of her home in Newport News, Virginia, using a 3D printer. This innovative method of building represents a promising solution to the escalating crisis of affordable housing, a situation that, according to the National Low Income Housing Coalition, necessitates over 7 million new homes.

The process took roughly 40 hours to complete the walls of Romas' 1,300-square-foot home. This method not only speeds up construction but also proves to be more cost-effective than traditional wood-frame methods, which have seen little innovation over the past century.

This home is the third constructed by the Habitat for Humanity Peninsula and Greater Williamsburg chapter, with CEO Janet Green noting a decrease in costs with each project. Romas' home cost Habitat approximately $215,000—$25,000 less than their first project on a plot donated by the city's housing authority. Green anticipates future 3D-printed homes could cost between $180,000 and $190,000, significantly lower than the current average home price in Romas' neighborhood, which exceeds $260,000.

The advantages of 3D-printed homes extend beyond speed and cost. They produce less waste, are more energy-efficient due to concrete's superior insulation properties, and offer increased durability against fire and storms, potentially lowering insurance premiums. Additionally, the automation of the printing process demands fewer workers, an important factor given the current shortage of construction labor.

The growth of 3D-printed housing offers a novel avenue to homeownership for individuals like Romas, an Army National Guard veteran with two sons. Alquist 3D, responsible for printing the three Habitat homes, has recently relocated its headquarters to Greeley, Colorado, attracted by $4 million in city and state incentives. There, Alquist 3D plans to construct 100 homes as part of a larger 300-home Habitat for Humanity initiative and is collaborating with Aims Community College to develop a 3D-printing curriculum, preparing a workforce for the expansion of this burgeoning technology.

US News

Tallest Skyscraper in America Gets Funded

Rendered image of the tower top

Developer Scot Matteson has announced that financing for the Legends Tower in Oklahoma City, set to be the tallest building in the USA, is in place, with construction anticipated to start in September. The project, featuring a design by the Californian architecture firm AO, has been reported by The Oklahoman as fully funded since early March.

Matteson has secured the necessary $1.5 billion for the construction of the skyscraper and an additional three smaller surrounding towers, collectively referred to as the Boardwalk at Bricktown. Upon completion, the tower will stand at 1,907 feet (581 meters), positioning it as the tallest in the United States and the fifth tallest globally.

Site preparation is expected to commence in June, with Matteson stating plans to initially obtain a grading and infrastructure permit, followed by a building permit in September. He is collaborating with local construction consulting firm Thinkbox and engineering company Thornton Tomasetti on this venture. Matteson emphasized that the entire project, including the tower, is financed, pending approval.

The tower's design initially proposed a height of 1,750 feet (533 meters) but was later extended with an adjustment to the spire's design. The Legends Tower will accommodate hotel rooms, residences, and commercial spaces.

Despite skepticism from some experts and local engineers like Norb Delatte, who questioned the choice of a low-density area for such a monumental structure, Matteson remains optimistic about the project's viability in Oklahoma City. He highlights the city's job growth, population influx, and positive business environment as conducive factors for urban development.

Oklahoma City is among several American cities, including Miami and Austin, embarking on their first super-tall skyscraper projects.

Rendered image of what the completed tower will look like


2024 Fencing Cadet And Junior World Championships


Prepare for intense competition as Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, hosts the 2024 Fencing Cadet and Junior World Championships from April 12 to 20. Fencers worldwide are gathering in the city to showcase their skills and vie for victory.

With competitions in foil, épée, and sabre disciplines for both cadets and juniors, spectators can expect a fierce display of athleticism. Against the backdrop of Riyadh's cultural heritage and modern infrastructure, athletes will compete for their prised titles.

Don't miss the chance to witness the rise of the next generation of fencing talent on the global stage!


Bonnie Tyler's 'Total Eclipse' Tops Charts During the Eclipse

The recent total solar eclipse sparked a surge of interest in Bonnie Tyler's 1983 power ballad "Total Eclipse Of The Heart" among music fans. As the eclipse captivated audiences on April 8, the song witnessed a significant uptick in streams, climbing to No. 2 on the Apple charts.

Leading up to the celestial event, Spotify reported a nearly 50% increase in streams of the song in the U.S., with expectations of further growth post-eclipse. Additionally, "Total Eclipse Of The Heart" emerged as the most popular addition to eclipse-themed playlists, alongside other sun- and moon-themed tracks such as "Ain't No Sunshine" by Bill Withers and "Here Comes the Sun" by The Beatles.

Searches for "eclipse" surged by 200% on Spotify over the past week, indicating heightened interest in celestial phenomena. On YouTube, the song entered the daily top 100 music video chart, currently holding the 84th position. Last FM confirmed the song's dominance in the U.S. music scene on April 8th.

In response to the song's resurgence, Bonnie Tyler humorously acknowledged its renewed success on social media, citing the familiar lyrics, "Every now and then it hits the charts."

Reflecting on past eclipses, Tyler recalled a similar experience during the 2017 solar eclipse when she performed the song aboard Royal Caribbean's "Total Eclipse Cruise" alongside DNCE band.

‘Originally released in 1983, "Total Eclipse Of The Heart" enjoyed a four-week stint at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and spent a total of 29 weeks on the chart.

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